Wayuu friendship bracelets

What are Wayuu bracelets?

Wayuu friendship bracelets are handmade treasures, made with love and care by Wayuu women. They are located in the La Guajira desert, north of Colombia. An amazing place where the Caribbean Sea meets the desert.
Every piece is one of a kind, handwoven represent their culture and work.
Wayuu tribe passes their knowledge from generation to generation. The handmade treasures represent the history of a community that has to conserve their traditional wisdom and sensibility.

Our Wayuu boho bracelets also incorporate art and thoughts for those who are spiritually in tune with the universe. They have original designs inspired by nature and amazing woven. These pieces are special, so take your time and see and admire how they are.

Wayuu bracelets are versatile in style and colors. You can layer or pile them for boho styling or wear them separately for a casual look. They are handmade by an acrylic thread and woven is amazing, also, have different colors and designs.

Wayuu bracelets also incorporate art and thoughts for those who are spiritually in tune with the universe.

Do you know what the colors of friendship means?

Wayuu boho bracelets are ideal accessories to give a touch of color all year. A special gift to share with your friends.
We want that you think about special moments and experiences. That you have shared with your families and friends.

These are the most common meanings of colors.

  • Brown: stability, comfort, and loyalty.
  • Pink: love, passion, and youth.
  • Red: sentiment, passion, and adventure.
  • Green: calm, nature, compassion.
  • Blue: peace, hope, and reliability.
  • Black: mystery, power, confidence.
  • Yellow: friendship, trust, and creativity.
  • White: kindness, truth, transparency.

If you don’t know your friend’s favorite colors are, use the color meanings as guides.
With our Etnika Wayuu bracelets, we want to remember all the best times like parties, trips, meetings, BBQs that you have experienced with your friends. And share these beautiful feelings and memories.
You support ethical accessories, ethnic culture, handmade, fair trade, Wayuu art craft, and sustainable fashion.

Check our Wayuu handmade shop for the perfect gift for your friends and family.

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