ETNIKA´S HANDMADE FASHION art crafted helps to promote a Sustainable World.

ETNIKA´S HANDMADE FASHION art crafted comes from indigenous that help our culture, traditions, and nature. That is why, ETNIKA´S HANDMADE FASHION works with different ethnic groups located at “La Guajira, Colombia.” 

In this context, as a lonely planet has mentioned.

Wayuu textile art tells stories woven by hand and represents a tradition that has been transmitted from generation to generation since pre-colonial times.”

Indeed, this ETNIKA´S HANDMADE FASHION art crafted has been transmitted from mother to daughter. Through this tradition. They can preserve the cultural traditions which it was initiated by the spider or Wale’kerü (term in Wayúunaiki).

In fact, by the legend, each fabric represents the past, present, and future of the universe.

Also, ETNIKA´S HANDMADE FASHION production and materials are ethically handmade. As a result, Etnika’s bio bags are 100% sustainable (among them are wild cotton, maguey, and other fibers).

In conclusion, each design represents their thoughts about the cosmos, nature, and culture. For sure, their colorful and geometric shapes created an amazing art piece.

As well, the handmade art crafted by indigenous women, also, helps to the indigenous families sustainability.

At the same time, embrace women empowerment and it helps to bring food to their children. At the same time, it is necessary to mention that the “La Guajira” area is one of the poorest areas in Colombia, whose main victims are indigenous families.

 So, enjoy our unique and beautiful handmade products and help the indigenous family’s preservation.

Visit our amazing and bio Colombian handmade art crafted shop and learn more about fashion origin. 

Etnika believes in a sustainable world, that is why we work promoting gender equality for indigenous women around the world.

Enjoy Etnika´s sustainable handmade art crafted products. We offer you bio, organic, handmade products that promote fair trade, gender equality, nature protection, and help to prevent climate change.

Written by

Tatiana Pinilla Alvarado.

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