Wayuu bags patterns: history and meanings.

Wayuu bags patterns are the most authentic expression of the Wayuu. The history says the spider Wale’ Kerü was who teach too woven to the Wayuu women.  Wayuu bags pretend to show that is women behind every piece, who belongs to an ethnic whit a legacy. A piece of art with high cultural meaning. 

Wale’ Keru, The Spider

Wale’kerü is a weaver! It was almost sunrise, and she had already made girdles and hammocks. She made all the drawings before the spring. 

The Wayuu asks how she has done. So the spider star to tell the Wayuu. Says that first, The Spider teaches to only one woman. Later the woman says to the others that the spider will teach them how to weave if they bring her a goat or donkey. So the Wayuu offer to the spider their clothes and neckless. 

Also, Wayuu bags history says that Wale’ Kerü falls in love with a Wayuu man, and they ran away together. He takes her to his family, and when they arrived at the family place. The mother told her: takes this material to make the girdles. The spider ate the cotton and later from her mouth star to goes out treads ready to be woven. Wale’kerü wove all night, and them in the morning, she had girdles made.

The history of Wayuu patterns

One day Wale’kerü told the Wayuu that, you believe that I am just anybody … I come to observe that you have not been able to do what you aspire to … 

So she started to make a path by every drawing, and they learned how to do it. 

Wale’ Kerü taught how to weave to the girls who remained in confinement. She asked them for all the attention, not to look to the sides, not to be distracted, because she could not always teach them. 

The Wayuu woman learns from Wale’Keru. She observed when the women weaved on the loom. 

The Wayuu woman said: take off! You are very pipona, what are you doing here pipona!

She answered them: I have in my hands the best drawings and I am going to give you as a gift.

And is when the Wayuu and Wale’Keru can communicate to make Kansaas. 

Kanaas: Wayuu bags patterns. Wayuu Symbology

The Wayuu woven is rich in traditional designs called Kanaas, the art of weaving designs.
The traditional Wayuu bags patterns called Kanaas is the most authentic expression of the Wayuu. How they interpret and understand the elements of their natural world, their daily life, and create stylized figures of great symbolism, among them the genitalia of the donkey, the shells of turtles, and star constellations, among others.

Pulikerüüya, The donkeys vulva.

Pasatalo’ouya, the cows guts.

Molokonoutaya, The morrocoy´s shell.

Kuliichiya, as the tissues that form roof’s beams.

Siwottouya, as the horses paw-step.

Marüliunaya, as the engraving of the Totumo.

Jalianaya, The mother of Kanaas.

Pa’ralouas, one that is on top of each other.

Kalepsü, As the wooden hook used to hang items from the roof.

Antajirasü, which is above each other.

Jime’uya, eye of a fish.

Ule’sia, clean.

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